We take celiac seriously. But we’re the pasta people.

So, let us help you find resources, from programs built for kids to label reading.

Reading labels when you’re gluten free.

Tayler Silfverduk is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a passion for helping people recently diagnosed with celiac disease. Her nutrition label-reading classes are some of the best around, providing practical, easy-to-use information that makes life a little easier when you’re shopping. Follow her at @celiacdietitian on Instagram or check out her website.

GiG Cares: Fighting Food Insecurity

Committed to helping children, adults and families who need access to gluten-free food, GiG Cares is tackling an array of issues, including food insecurity.

Additionally, they provide scholarships for kids to attend gluten-free camps throughout the U.S.

As a partner of GiG Cares, we’ve provided scholarship funds and pasta nights at GiG-supported camps. If you’re in need of support, be sure to check them out.

Celiac Disease Foundation: Working to create a world without celiac disease.

CDF is a mission-based nonprofit committed to reducing celiac disease’s impact on the millions of American’s diagnosed with it. They do so through research, advocacy and education. If you’re looking for credible information and resources, this is a great place to start.

Every kid deserves to camp.

Camp Celiac, founded in 2007, gives kids an opportunity to enjoy all the amazing aspects of going to camp without having to worry about what’s on the menu. All food is gluten free, and the activities range from rock climbing to archery. It’s a truly amazing experience for kids of all ages. We’re proud to provide gluten-free pasta for a special camp dinner!

Gluten-free recipes the entire family will love.

Our library of recipes have two things in common: They’re all delicious and they’re all gluten free. If you need some culinary inspiration, be sure to check out our latest recipes.

Gluten-Free Chimichurri Fettuccine

Easy Gluten-Free Fusilli and Cheese

Tomato Cream Sauce with Red Lentil Fusilli

Shrimp Scampi Linguini - Gluten Free